27 Sep

gift for yourself

Everyone knows that specific projects require specific yarn. Think for example of yarns made from material that breathes well like linen or cotton for summer stuff, nice warm yarns for winter woollens and easily washable material such as acrylic or cotton for kids’ stuff.

Because in the Netherlands yarn shops are not very abundant, I often fall back on whatever I can grab at the Zeeman, the Wibra and (if you’re lucky) the Lidl or Hema. For a lot of things this is of course perfectly fine. But sometimes, sometimes I just want to pamper myself!

When that happens I do not want acrylic or cotton and then I do not want colors that everyone already has, then I want something special … Yarn made from luxury materials like the softest merino wool, alpaca or silk. Then I want hand-dyed wool in which you can see the craftsmanship in the the rich hues and colors.

Perhaps I have become a bit of a yarn snob in that respect. On the other hand, even an expensive skein of hand-dyed wool is much cheaper than many other hobbies. Also, that single skein of luxury fingering weight yarn would already be enough for a scarf or shawl. Plenty yarn for many hours of knitting fun and then you also have a finished piece giving years of wearing pleasure.

My favorite: Siidegarte

My favorite luxury yarns are from Siidegarte, which loosely translates as “silk garden”. Siidegarte consists of the Swiss duo Gaby and Fides, who dye locally spun silk yarn in the most beautiful colors. I did not know it before I came into contact with Siidegarte, but making silk yarns and trading in them has played an important part in the history of Switzerland.

The photos are from various skeins of their Siide-Fideel and Siide-Quirlig yarns that I am lucky enough to have in my possession. I can assure you, it’s really a treat to knit with this yarn! What is really wonderful, is that the skeins of fingering weight yarn contain do not contain 100 g as is usual for fingering weight, but a generous 110 to 120 g depending on the type of yarn. More than enough for a generous sized shawl!

Sneak peek

The pictures of shawls in this post are what I made ​​from two of these three lovely Siidegarte yarns I have in my stash. As you can see, it knits up really beautifully. The pink Lelie shawl is available here and here though Ravelry. The pattern of the green Olivijn shawl will be available later this year.