15 Nov

paris pillbox hat & cowl

Paris Pillbox Hat & Cowl by La Visch Designs

Happily Hooked Magazine Issue 20 is all about Vintage-Inspired Designs with Contemporary Flair. And both my Paris Pillbox Hat & Cowl are an exclusive feature!

The hat in this set is in the pillbox shape reminiscent of the Forties and Fifties of the previous century. A most stylish way of keeping your head warm! To complete the set there is also a matching cowl.

These designs are now also available directly through La Visch Designs.


11 Nov

asymmetrical wedge shawl

Asymmetrical Wedge Shawl by La Visch Designs

In the December 2015 issue of I Like Crochet the magic of the winter season is captured in sparkly new patterns to crochet your dream Christmas. For the “baby it’s warm inside” section in this issue, I have designed the Asymmetrical Wedge Shawl. Pictures courtesy of I like Crochet Magazine.

This pattern is now also available through La Visch Designs!

This wedge shawl has a distinct asymmetrical shape, setting it apart from more traditional crochet shawls. Make a fast, large and cozy shawl in an aran weight yarn as described here, or make it a scarf in a fingering weight yarn. Because this wedge shawl is worked in a single piece from the tip up, it can easily be made in any size you want.

Asymmetrical Wedge Shawl by La Visch Designs

Asymmetrical Wedge Shawl by La Visch Designs